Families, adults, youth and senior citizens living in HHCD’s affordable, mixed-income and subsidized housing receive a full array of services based on their individual needs, overseen by on-site Resident Service Coordinators (RSC). HHCD provides service coordination for families and senior citizens, individual assessment and referrals, lease compliance training and housing support, and housing and supportive services for homeless individuals and those at risk of homelessness.

Our philosophy of service seeks to guide clients in setting and attaining goals and prevent issues or behaviors that may jeopardize their housing status. A needs assessment of each household is performed in order to provide a continuum of services and assess the household’s ability to meet and maintain lease compliance. Resident Service Coordinators provide pre- and post-occupancy social service referrals and/or one-on-one counseling, and build partnerships to connect clients with existing services in their community.

Programs include, but are not limited to, basic needs and social services, senior services, employment and training, utility assistance, lease compliance, budgeting and credit counseling, and referrals for health, wellness, mental health and substance abuse services. The Resident Service Coordinators provide on-going case management with each client or family to develop individual action plans and to provide guidance and track progress towards achieving their goals to increase self-sufficiency.